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We’re an experience packaging outlet that builds safe, trusted and world-class packaging products!

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Customized Solution

Our visual style is simple yet distinct. Our packaging will be the perfect choice for your next project whether it is a basic use or multi-use packaging.

Strict Standard Production

Our packaging production is strict in its quality and does not compromise on it.

Professional & Strong Service Team

We have a full-fledged Professional team who are creative and good enough to design and make quality packaging solutions.

Deliver High-Quality Products

We happily deliver the high-quality packages in the best style.

What makes us different?

Our vision is to make strong packaging products where everyone will have adequate access to the support structures required to succeed. Browse our unique products below to find out more.


Efficient, Lightweight and Strong


Versatile and eco friendly


Reusable and washable


Recyclable, non toxic and eco friendly


Quality environmental friendly packaging


Neat and class packaging


Cheap but quality packaging ideal for fodder industry


High quality and workmanship


Tampering resistant and assures hygiene


Thick, durable and low cost


Best quality and durability


We use the best quality material to manufacture the package for assuring world class products.


Our factory has over 50 production lines which are why we ace in the packaging production.

Quality Control

All packages are produced according to International Quality Standards and have been tested for QS Tests.

Experience quality

Wrapie packaging products assure quality and we are someone to look up to if your firm needs a super thematic style of classy packaging.


Our dedicated customer care will help you choose the best type of packaging as per the need and we also provide various offers and discounts to our regular customers.

Customers love Wrapie for its robust and modern design

Multiple products with variety of scheme options mean that dramatically altering the look of your packages is just clicks away.

A trusted partner to the best

Working with the industries best and brightest minds to deliver outstanding results

  • We consider Wrapie Packaging an essential partner in our product development process.
    Shahad Bangla
    Managing Director - Eallisto Group
  • The team at Wrapie has always exceeded our expectations. They do a great job of engineering creative packaging and then bringing those concepts to life in our finished products. wrapie has been a great partner for nearly a decade and we look forward to the years ahead.
    Sana Siddiqui
    Director - Meldin Interiors
  • It has been an absolute pleasure to work with wrapie Packaging and Displays for our packaging needs here at spark technologies.  I have personally been involved with many packaging projects for Envision where wrapie has taken the lead to the design and produce a new solution for our specific package requirement.
    Prateek kanpade
    Senior Product Development Executive - Spark Technologies